Choosing Your Entry Door Installation in Denver

Choosing an entry door in Denver can be challenging with so many options, but we have the info you need to make the right decision for your home.

First Impressions

Your entrance creates the first impression of your home – your space. Make the best impression possible with a new entry door installation.

Installing a custom entry door has many benefits. You can customize the design to your tastes, choose your material, and know you have extra security, not to mention the new curb appeal you’ll have.

However, it can be hard to choose an entry door for installation in your Denver home with many options available. We can help out.

Types of Entry Doors

When choosing the type of entry door for your home, you’ll want to consider several different factors, including local weather conditions, the need for security, and the design of your current home.


Some of the most common styles for entryway doors include:

  • Single panel doors: Made of a single solid panel, these are heavier doors that can muffle sounds well.
  • Double panel doors: A double panel door is made with two panels (one on top and one on the bottom), creating a different look from single panel doors.


While entryway doors are made with various types of materials, two of the most common door materials are:

  • Wood: Wood doors tend to give your house a warm, homey feeling. They are beautiful to look at. However, wood doors are more expensive and require extra care.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass makes for highly energy-efficient, durable doors. They may not have the same classic look like wood, but they come with many practical advantages.

Installation Costs of an Entry Door in Denver

The costs of front door installation in Denver will vary. Prices will change depending on the company you go to, the style of door you select, and the size of the door.

At Gary Gravina Windows, we pride ourselves on exceptional service that comes at an affordable price. For an exact quote, go ahead and give us a call at 720-296-7350.

Make Your Home Beautiful With New Entry Doors

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